Brake Wear Warning Signs

5 Signs that Mean it is Time for Brake Repair

When you think of automotive safety what comes to mind? Seatbelts? Airbags? These are great features in the event of an accident but it is the brakes that can help prevent one from happening. If you ever think you’re experiencing brake trouble be sure to get to a repair shop right away. The following are 5 of the most common signs of brake trouble and they should never be ignored.

Grinding Noises
Likely the first sign of brake trouble will be a grinding or howling noise that happens as you brake. This is usually caused for one of two different reasons; the first is because you have brake pads that have a small mechanism to warn you that your pads are low. The second is because you have no brake pads left and metal is grinding on metal, which is very dangerous.

Brake Pedal is Vibrating while Slowing
When you hit the brakes your car should smoothly slow down. If you feel a vibration in the brake pedal, steering wheel or if the whole car shakes you likely have warped rotors. Rotors are what the brake pads grab onto to slow the vehicle and if they are not smooth your braking abilities are greatly reduced.

Spongy Brake Pedal
Do you find yourself having to push harder and harder on the brake pedal to get your vehicle to stop? This could be a sign of very low brake pads. However it could be something much worse, such as air in the brake lines or a brake fluid leak. If you suspect a fluid leak do not drive your vehicle, have it towed to the auto shop.

Vehicle Pulls
Your car, truck or SUV should continue in a straight line as you brake. If your vehicle feels as if it is trying to go left or right you have a major braking problem. The usual culprit is uneven wear of the brake pads. Another possibility is a stuck wheel cylinder.

Dashboard Indicator
If the ABS light, which stands for anti-lock braking system, illuminates on the dashboard it could indicate a variety of issues. It is important to get to the auto repair shop right away so the mechanic can read the error codes and get the brake problem corrected.

Brake Service Warning signs include:

  • Squealing or grinding noises when using brakes. This could mean your brakes need to be adjusted or that your brake pads are worn and need replacement.
  • Your dashboard’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) light turns on. This indicates that your brake fluid is low. You may have a leak in your brake line. Get it inspected.
  • While braking, your car pulls to one side. This means that your brakes need adjustment, there is brake fluid leakage, or your brakes are worn out and need replacement.
  • Your brakes are hard to press down or feel “spongy.” Usually this means air has gotten into your brake lines or you may have low brake fluid.
  • When applying your brakes, your steering wheel, brake pedal, or entire vehicle begins to shake. If this happens, your brake rotors could be warped and need replacement.
  • When you notice any brake warning signs, contact our professional staff by phone, or email, immediately and we’ll take care of it.

Never wait to have brake problems diagnosed and repaired. It is important for your safety and the safety of other people on the road. For expert brake repair in Chagrin Falls head to TransColonial Auto Service We take care of all import and domestic vehicles at our full service auto repair shop. Give us a call at 440-543-3355 at the first sign of brake trouble, or if any other kind of problem occurs.

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